Part town mouse, part country mouse ~

My two sisters and I grew up in a small southern New Jersey town, Hammonton, bordering the Wharton State Forest. At 123,000 acres Wharton is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park system. We were surrounded by open space and farms, and our town has the distinction of being the “Blueberry Capital of the World.”

I am the granddaughter of a farmer and the niece of a property developer, so you could say I had my feet in two worlds. The Pine Barrens, a vast tract of undeveloped land with a unique ecology and sociology, and the world of business that was forever encroaching on that environment. This is the landscape that informs me as a writer, and is the setting of my upcoming novel, The View from Marie Genovese’s Window, to be published
by Bordighera Press, April 2021.

M Y P L A C E O F W O R K M Y   P L A C E   O F   W O R K

I knew by the time I was eight years old that I wanted to be a writer. Growing up where I did, not just in the beautiful strangeness of the Pine Barrens, but on Uncle’s property called The Harbour, my inspirations were always nature and solitude, what Mom called “quiet.”

M Y  (I M A G I N A R Y)  S T U D I O


— is a Mario Merz glass igloo, from Italy’s Arte Povera movement of the late 1960’s.  It’s aim was to reconnect man to nature and to argue against a growing corporate mentality. In my ideal studio there’s no clutter or distraction. In my imaginary glass igloo, I am sheltered, while able to look out and view the world.