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January 21, 2021

Why I love clothes…

Clothes “emote” and boy, so do Italians. Gaga’s National Anthem was a departure at the same time as it was a reaffirmation of our national hopes. There was spirit and heat in that performance, in what can all too often be a rather stiff song. And, the Schiaparelli Dress. Schiaparelli was a designer I grew up admiring. Mom had a Schiaparelli coat – where is it now, I wonder?

I’m inspired by women. I’m inspired by strength. Not the strength “to endure” as imposed on us by a dominant male culture, or from society’s expectations, which most of us never fail to try and rise to, but by the pure expression of feminine strength, evident, not at all superficially, in the adornment of our bodies and spirits. Powerful women understand the power of dress. This Inaugural was a perfect example.

Vanessa Friedman’s piece in the NYT says Michelle Obama’s plum trousers and matching coat (by Sergio Hudson) “called to mind a sort of soignée superhero.” And what about the pure incandescent optimism put forth by the incredible Amanda Gorman and her masterpiece of an inaugural poem? Her sunshine Prada coat and red halo were the perfect cap to her sublime poetry.

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