Italian Love Cake, a novel

A slice of love cake on my aunt’s Havilland china from the 1940’s








~  Coming in April, 2021 ~



The beautiful, feisty Marie Genovese is nearly undone by the financial deprivations of the Great Depression as she attempts to save her failing Five & Ten. But Marie is a fighter. On the eve of WWII, she rails against the rising Italian fascism in her small, rural New Jersey town, and alternately battles and seduces the men in her life, whom she needs in order to survive. Mostly, however, she fights for her own independence. And, like the army of women who came before her, she bakes. Soon, Marie’s Italian Love Cake proves to be the most formidable weapon of all.

Italian Love Cake will be to be published by Bordighera Press, April 2021.